Entry #6

I'll disappear from newgrounds for about a month

2017-01-17 16:35:17 by ShalevZohar

Though saying it is kinda worthless because


I don't have many friends here. But I might aswell just inform you.

Anyways, life's rough, and I gotta distance myself from the internet to have time to fix my life

So I'll see you all again, hopefully with a new finished  project, after this is all over.



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2017-01-17 17:00:14

k bye, go cry somewhere else, dont be a pussy, do what you want not what others want.

ShalevZohar responds:



2017-02-20 16:41:54

What I'm trying to say is, life is rough, but you can't let it get to you, but I know it will in the future, but that won't stop me.

ShalevZohar responds:

That's why I left, I needed the time to work. I just informed my... 1 follower, that I won't upload for some time and I also did it to force myself away from here.
Anyways I really advanced in my project so I'd call it a success


2017-02-21 17:02:02

Your one follower, don't you mean your followers?

ShalevZohar responds:

Oh, thanks!
I'll upload something for this occasion