Though saying it is kinda worthless because


I don't have many friends here. But I might aswell just inform you.

Anyways, life's rough, and I gotta distance myself from the internet to have time to fix my life

So I'll see you all again, hopefully with a new finished  project, after this is all over.


Feelin kinda lonely

2016-12-11 11:06:32 by ShalevZohar

I have this weird thing here in NG where I feel like any rating that's not 5 is a personal insult

Numbers make me a bad person.

And now my cat drawing video found it's way to my family's whatsapp and half of my family subscribed to my youtube channel.


I wanted to make some disturbing, weird or gory stuff for videos.

All hope is lost.

Maybe I'll start over with a different channel or something...

No way I can keep all my videos family friendly. Ain't gonna happen.

Sad cats and birthdays

2016-06-27 18:10:20 by ShalevZohar

silently whistles "happy birthday to me" alone in the dark corner.

Wait I can't even whistle.

Plays the song on a kazoo. I'm a true musician.


I lied about drawing glowing stuff, now I draw cats.

Sad cats.


I'll finish the drawing in about a week.


How does one get friends in this site?


2016-06-14 14:12:21 by ShalevZohar

I also have a Deviantart profile where I put more stuff:

I know the name is stupid, but now I can't change it.

So... I don't steal art or anything. Except the vitruvian man thing I made. Sorry, Da Vinci.


2016-06-13 14:20:32 by ShalevZohar


I've returned.